11 ideas that went from science fiction to reality

Great read spotlighting Ramey & Schwaller’s client Arx Pax, Inc. and their innovative hoverboard technology.

From Space.com : Hoverboards - From: “Back to the Future Part II”

The Back to the Future trilogy is a highly enjoyable trio of time-traveling adventures, but it is Part II that presents the creators’ vision of 2015. The film predicted a far more outlandish 2015 than what actually happened just five years ago, but it got one thing correct: hoverboards, just like the one Marty McFly “borrows” to make a quick escape.

Although they aren’t as widespread as the film perceives, hoverboards now exist. The first real one was created in 2015 by Arx Pax, a company based in California. The company invented the Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA™) used to provide the levitation of a hoverboard. The board generates a magnetic field, which in turn creates an eddy current, which then creates another opposing magnetic field. These magnetic fields repel each other against a copper “hoverpark” that provides lift.

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