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Ramey & Browning settles case against Bank of America and Scottsdale Insurance Company

Bill Ramey and Harry Laxton, the trial team for Ramey & Browning client Virginia Moherek settled all claims against Bank of America and Scottsdale Insurance Company in a case alleging breach of contract, deceptive trade practices, fraud, and bad faith related to damage caused to the client’s home. The case was pending in the 80th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas, under case number 2013-45238. Bill Ramey was quoted as saying, “We are happy tat our client was able to finally settle this matter.” The financial terms of the settlement are confidential.

Bill Ramey quoted concerning Tracy Druce’s suspension from the PTO

Tracy Druce gets two year PTO suspension for not properly supervising his staff. Potentially multiple instances of falsified documents were filed by Druce’s staff from 2004 to 2006. The link to the disciplinary report is

When asked to comment, Bill Ramey said he worked with Druce as a partner at Novak Druce from 2010 to 2011. “Managing your staff is part of delivering quality services to a client,” Ramey told Law360 late Tuesday night. “Don’t lie, cheat or falsify documents.”

Ramey & Browning sues Veteran’s Administration

On July 29, 2014, Ramey & Browning filed a lawsuit styled Jewel Honey-Love, Individually, and as a representative of the Estate of Larry Lavon Love, against the Veteran’s Administration and Acuity Hospital of Houston, for damages associated with the wrongful death of Mr. Love, in the Southern District of Texas under cause No. 4:14-cv02185.

Ramey & Browning Sponsors State Bar of Texas Event

Ramey & Browning is proud to work with the State Bar of Texas in sponsoring the Advanced In-House Counsel CLE program August 13-15, 2014. The firm sponsored the social hour immediately following the presentation on August 14, 2014. The CLE included topics ranging from the new Texas Uniform Trade Secret Act to Managing Your Law Practice to Keeping Your Company Competitive. The CLE delivered 13.5 hours and 3.0 hours of ethics. Over 120 registrants attended the CLE. Bill Ramey delivered the presentation on the Texas Uniform Trade Secret Act.

Ramey & Browning settles patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft Corporation

Bill Ramey of Ramey & Browning settles patent infringement lawsuit for client BioControl, LLC, against Microsoft Corporation that alleged infringement of the claims of US 5,647,834 titled Speech-Based BioFeedback Method and System. The technology is generally related to using a user’s emotions to control a video game. The terms of the settlement agreement are by confidential.  The matter was pending in the Eastern District of Texas under cause number 2:14-cv-00640.

Bill Ramey to teach Intellectual Property class at Texas A&M’s Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship

On July 11, 2014, beginning at 10:00 am, Bill Ramey is teaching a class at Texas A&M on what every entrepreneur needs to know about Intellectual Property (“IP”).  The class is being held in room 108 Wagner on West campus and will include topics related to the identification of IP, the importance of IP, and the proper technique entrepreneurs should practice to protect their IP.

Opposer Texas Children’s Hospital Prevails at TTAB over Applicant U.T. Physicians

On June 16, 2014, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board handed Ramey & Browning client Texas Children’s Hospital a decisive win when the opposition of U.T. Physicians trademark application for Texas Fetal Center was sustained over Texas Children’s Hospital’s Trademark for Texas Children’s Fetal Center.  The opposition was terminated in TCH’s favor when U.T. Physicians abandoned its attempt to register its trademark for the Texas Fetal Center.

Ramey & Browning files patent infringement suit against Microsoft

Ramey & Browning filed a patent infringement case against the Microsoft Corporation on May 22, 2014 on behalf of the firm client BioControl, LLC alleging infringement of claims of US Pat. No. 5,647,834 encompassing technology related to video games that are able to recognize emotions of the game player.  The lawsuit accuses the Xbox One of infringement.

Ramey & Browning wins Special Appearance in Culberson County, Texas

On May 5, 2014, Judge Peca of the 205th Judicial District of Texas, Culberson County, in case no. 5049, denied Defendant Gerard Pallotta’s Special Appearance, thereby ordering him to appear and answer the allegations made against him by Grand River Capital and Thomas Dans concerning theft of trade secrets,breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, and quantum meruit related to certain pecan investments and pecan orchards in West Texas.  Bill Ramey was “pleased for his client and hopeful that justice can be obtained in the near future.  Defendants are not shielded for the wrongful acts they commit simply because they purportedly acted on a corporation’s behalf or as an officer of the corporation.”  The case is currently in discovery.

Scottsdale Insurance Company Fails to Exit Case on Summary Judgment

On April 17, 2014, the team at Ramey & Browning successfully defeated Scottsdale Insurance Company’s Motion for Summary Judgment seeking to be dismissed on policy coverage grounds in Lozano et al. v. Bank of America et al., Cause No. 2013-45238, pending in the 80th Judicial District Court of Harris County.  The issue related to whether a purported policy exclusion applied to a water leak from an adjoining property.  The language in the purported exclusion included the phrase “accidental discharge, leakage or overflow” of water.  The case is currently set for trial on June 2, 2014.