Congratulations to Genomics USA, Inc.

Ramey & Schwaller wishes to congratulate its client Genomics USA on issuance of U.S. Patent Number 10,337,066 titled METHODS FOR PCR AND HLA TYPING USING UNPURIFIED SAMPLES on July 2, 2019.  The patent relates to methods for amplifying a gene or RNA or sets thereof of interest using a tandem PCR process. The primers in the first PCR or set of PCR reactions are locus-specific. The primers in the second PCR or set of PCR reactions are specific for a sub-sequence of the locus-specific primers and completely consumed during the second PCR amplification. For RNA amplification, the first PCR is reverse transcription and the resulting cDNA(s) provide a template for cRNA synthesis, endpoint PCR or real time PCR. Also provided is a tandem PCR method which accepts raw, completely unpu­rified mouthwash, cheek swabs and ORAGENE-stabilized saliva as the sample input, the resulting amplicons serving as the substrate for complex, microarray-based genetic testing. Also provided is a method of allelotyping a gene or set thereof by amplifying the gene(s) using tandem PCR on DNA or RNA comprising the sample. .

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