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Ramey & Schwaller client Julian Olivares’ copyright infringement claim is going to trial!

On September 30, 2016, the District Court in the Middle District of North Carolina denied The University of Chicago, Margaret Greer and Elizabeth Rhodes’ Motion for Summary Judgment as to Olivares’ clam of copyright infringement, deciding that a jury would hear the case.  Trial is now set for April of 2017.  Bill Ramey of Ramey & Schwaller is quoted as saying “We are very happy for our client and we look forward to telling the jury how The University of Chicago, Rhodes and Greer copied our client’s novel.”

Julián Olivares is the creator of “Novelas amorosas y ejemplares, by María de Zayas y Sotomayor,” a critical edition of and a transformation and interpretation of Novelas amorosas y ejemplares. Notwithstanding that Olivares’ book contained a copyright notice Margaret Greer and Elizabeth Rhodes translated and the University of Chicago published at least nine stories copied from Olivares’ book.  More information about the case can be found at Olivares v. University of Chicago et al., pending in the Middle District of North Carolina under Cause No. 1:15-cv-713.

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Ramey & Browning sues University of Chicago for copyright ingfringement

On October 17, 2014, Ramey & Browning Bill Ramey filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the University of Chicago for its translation of Profesor Olivares’ Novelas amorosas y ejemplares in the Eastern District of Texas.  Professor Olivares, of the University of Houston, states that the translation aounts to academic piracy of a work he spent years developing.

The Maroon, the student nespaper of the University of Chicago, published an article commenting on the lawsuit.  The article can be found at http://chicagomaroon.com/2014/11/04/uchicago-press-sued-for-copyright-infringement-in-book/#disqus_thread.

McGraw Must Produce Gross Revenue From 1996 For Everywhere

The Court ORDERED, in Tennessee, that Tim McGraw and the other Defendants, produce Gross Revenue received from the song Everywhere from 1996 to the present, including revenue from McGraw’s performances of the song Everywhere. McGraw’s counsel stated they could not identify the performances of Everywhere over Mr. McGraw’s career, therefore, please respond with any performances of the song Everywhere from 1996 to the present. Copy bwilliams@rameyfirm.com/ on any responses.

Tim McGraw must produce records of his performance of the song Everywhere

The Ramey & Browning trial team racked up another success for its client James Martinez, when, in Martinez v. McGraw et al, pending in the Middle District of TN, under cause No. 3:08-0738, Magistrate Judge Bryant Ordered defendant Tim McGraw to produce a listing by date and location of each concert at which he performed the song Everywhere from January 1, 1997, until the present. The allegations in the underlying lawsuit are that McGraw’s song Everywhere infringes Martinez’s copyright on Anytime, Anywhere Amanda.